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Teacher from Paraíba is selected to represent EFOPLI in workshops in Brasília

The initiative is organized and sponsored by the US Embassy/RELO, and it takes place from April 2nd to 6th
publicado: 29/03/2018 11h23, última modificação: 11/04/2018 12h32


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The teacher Anne Franciare de Queiroz was selected to participate in the Creativity Workshop organized by the United States Embassy/RELO to be held in Brasilia from April 2nd to 6th.

Within the program, the teacher will participate in two workshops given by the English Language Fellow Aaaron Royer: "Using the Web as a Source of Authenticity in EFL Classroom", in which activities that put into practice the use of authentic materials in the classroom will be discussed and later carried out; and the workshop "Hey, What About Vocabulary? Practical Techniques and Activities to Support Vocabulary Acquisition" which will bring activities and practical techniques in order to improve students' vocabulary learning.

The program also includes the Creative Workshops conducted by Shelley Berc and Alejando Fogel, the main focus of the initiative, which will offer tools and techniques for teachers to help their students develop their artistic, creative and collaborative skills as well as work on their self-confidence, leadership and mutual respect .

For the coordinator of the EFOPLI program, professor Mariana Pérez, Anne Franciare's selection is a reason for great joy and honor for the program, considering the teacher's involvement with EFOPLI's initiatives since 2014 and the partnership of the program with RELO. "We have chosen Anne to represent us in this selection of teachers because she is an extremely competent and committed teacher, as well as a member of EFOPLI for a very long time, always interested in developing professionally and to cooperate with other teachers."

Anne Franciare spoke about EFOPLI's influence in her career as a teacher: "The initiatives carried out by EFOPLI have been a turning point in my life. By making a brief retrospective analysis of paradigm shifts as an English language teacher, I believe that I am experiencing a period of major breakthroughs and I say this after 27 years of hard work and dedication to teaching-learning the English language. Nowadays, I see a classroom where my students— with their history, culture, socio-economic situation, expectations and dreams — are taken into account in my lesson plans. It is not easy to understand that you are not the target that should be present in your lesson plans and that changes will be necessary, but I believe that I am succeeding. I am glad to be learning how to negotiate and build the knowledge necessary for the participation of my students in an increasingly globalized world. Thus, it was with great joy that I received the news that I was selected to participate in the Creativity Workshop, in Brasilia.

After participating in the workshop, Franciare should offer lectures and mini courses to the members of EFOPLI in order to multiply the experience.

Translated by Daniel Viana (EFOPLI grantee - Probex 2018)