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por ACI publicado 28/11/2019 14h10, última modificação 28/11/2019 15h03
Colaboradores: Larissa Guedes, Caio Martino
Where to stay



Universidade Federal da Paraíba possesses a dormitory which is reserved for low-income Brazilian students. Due to the great domestic demand, it is impossible  to extend the offer to international students.

However, the International Office team is willing to help mobility students find accommodation in town in a safe place and nearby desired commodities which may meet their demands.

Still away students may refer to Facebook group named "Intercâmbio UFPB", which is meant to gather foreign students who were here, others who are still here and those who are about to come to UFPB. The experience of the people in this group may help you decide where to stay or find a suitable place.

Another Facebook group that may be of help is "Sem teto UFPB". 

It is also common to find messages in message/bulletin boards near classrooms posted by those looking for other students to share a house, apartment or room.