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Time to Leave

por ACI publicado 28/11/2019 14h25, última modificação 16/12/2019 14h24
Colaboradores: Larissa Guedes, Caio Martino
What to do before leaving UFPB

End-of-Mobility Statement

Before leaving UFPB, foreign students may need an end-of-mobility statement (Attestation de Fin de Séjour/Certificado Final de Estancia).

Many universites have their own model. If you have lost your printout or cannot get an extra copy, our International Office provides a model here.


Make sure you return all borrowed material to the library before leaving to your country. Before issuing/signing an end-of-mobility statement or providing transcripts, our International Office will check the status of loans with the library.

Official Transcript

Each course professor is responsible for feeding the UFPB system with students' grades in due time by the end of the academic semester.
In the 2019.2 semester, the period for feeding grades into the system goes from April 2 to 8, 2020 .

After this, our International Office issues all international students' transcripts and e-mail copies to both students and their home universities; originals are then sent by post. As of February 2016, students can issue their transcripts by themselves through the Sigaa system, which can be verified online.

I need a grade statement before transcripts are meant to be issued

In case foreign students need a statement with their grades before transcripts actually show them, they must follow these steps:

1) Ask each course professor a statement showing their attendance, final grade and approval status; 
2) take as many statements they have to the Program Coordination where a consolidated statement will be issued; 
3) In case you need this statement in a language other than Portuguese and the Coordination cannot offer you that, bring the consolidated statement in Portuguese to our International Office so we can prepare a translation.

Important! The Transcript issued from Sigaa shows only Undergraduate courses. If you take courses at PLEI (Portuguese as a Foreign Language), you will receive Certificate(s) at the end of the semester. For courses taken at a Graduate Program, you will need to ask for a statement from the Coordination of the Graduate Program.