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Course Offers

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Choices of courses



As soon as the acceptance letter is issued by our International Office, the foreign student is registered at UFPB. Usually the student's registration number is tied to the Faculty/School closest to that of the student in her/his home institution. Regardless of the Faculty/School to which they are tied, mobility students can enroll in courses of any Faculty/School at UFPB, provided they respect the maximum number of credits allowed for a specific semester; such number is determined by each Program Coordination. Students' previously approved learning agreement may  have to be amended due to unforeseen situations, conflicting class times, the cancelling of a course previously offered, or even the students' change of mind.

What courses to choose?

Check out the courses offered this semester and past semester at sigaa.ufpb.br. To guide you through your seach, check this file.

You may select courses offered by different programs. For example, if you are an International Relations student, you may -- apart from the I.R. courses, be interested in enrolling in courses offered by the Faculties/Schools of Law, Business, Public Relations, Economics, etc.

What courses not to choose?

Below you will find a list of undergraduate courses that may not apply to foreign students; we suggest avoiding choosing such courses. 

  • “Tópicos Especiais em...” (Special Topics in...)

Some Faculties/Schools have disciplines named “Tópicos Especiais em...” (for example, “Tópicos Especiais em Tradução”, in Translation Studies). We inform that these disciplines are validated through extracurricular activities conducted all along the course of studies. Some of the activities that may be used to validate such discipline are participation/presentation of papers in academic events,  publications, practices, etc. When the student has gathered the required quantity of hours/practice (according to each Faculty's regulations), s/he is ready to present proof of compliance to the Faculty Coordination and request credits. Foreign students do not usually stay long enough to obtain credit for such discipline.

  • Metodologia Do Trabalho Científico (Scientific Work Methodology)

This is a generalist course offered in all Faculties/Schools at UFPB. Its aim is to instruct students on how to put up a research project, carry out an academic research and write a paper, according to the standards set by the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas - ABNT).

  • “Pesquisa Aplicada a(os)...” (Research Applied to...)

This course (for example, “Pesquisa Aplicada aos Estudos de Tradução”, Translation Studies), derives from  “Metodologia do Trabalho Científico” (read above) and is meant to help students at each Faculty to put up a Research Project that may result in their Senior Research Project (TCC). TCC is mandatory for students to obtain their undergraduate diploma.

  • Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso — TCC  (Senior Research Project)

This course is usually taken in the last term. Tutored by a professor, the student must carry out a research which will turn into a work to be presented/defended before a panel of professors by the end of the term (and, consequently, the end of the course of studies). Approval at this course is mandatory for the students to obtain their degree.