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UFPB Structure

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Colaboradores: Larissa Guedes, Caio Martino



UFPB has campuses in four cities located in different parts of the State of Paraíba. UFPB campuses and their respective Centers (total of 16) are listed below:

  • Campus I - João Pessoa

Exact and Natural Sciences — Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza (CCEN) 
Human Sciences, Letters and Arts — Centro de Ciências Humanas, Letras e Artes (CCHLA)
Law — Centro de Ciências Jurídicas (CCJ) 
Education— Centro de Educação (CE) 
Applied Social Sciences — Centro de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas (CCSA)
Technology — Centro de Tecnologia (CT) 
Health Sciences — Centro de Ciências da Saúde (CCS) 
Medicine — Centro de Ciências Médicas (CCM) 
Biotechnology — Centro de Biotecnologia (CBIOTEC)
Communication, Tourism and Arts — Centro de Comunicação, Turismo e Artes (CCTA) 
Alternative and Renewable Energies — Centro de Energias Alternativas e Renováveis (CEAR)
Informatics — Centro de Informática (CI)
Technology and Regional Development — Centro de Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento Regional (CTDR)

  • Campus II - Areia (125 from João Pessoa)

Agricultural Sciences — Centro de Ciências Agrárias (CCA)

  • Campus III - Bananeiras (132 from João Pessoa)

Human, Social and Agricultural Sciences — Centro de Ciências Humanas, Sociais e Agrárias (CCHSA)

  • Campus IV - Rio Tinto e Mamanguape (a 70 km de João Pessoa)

Applied Sciences and Education — Centro de Ciências Aplicadas e Educação (CCAE)


The following programs are offered only outside João Pessoa:



Attention to the following programs: they are offered both as Licenciatura and Bacharelado, and may be offered at different campuses:


To get to know all the programs and courses available, click here. But first, for instructions on how to search correctly, click here.

To better understand...

  • Center – is an academic-administrative unit that gathers programs (cursos) and departments of one single field of knowledge. For example the Center of Technology gathers the Cursos (and Departments) of Architecture and Urbanism, 7 Cursos of Engineering and Industrial Chemistry.
  • Departament – is a unit of teaching, research and extension, which comprehends courses alike and is formed by professors therein alloted. Several professors of different departments may teach at a single curso, and a professor (of any department) may teach courses in several cursos.
  • Coordination (of a curso) – is the unit that manages the curso academically. Each curso has their own Coordination/Coordinator.
  • Curso – is the program which the student pursues, for example "(Bacharelado in) Translation Studies", "(Licenciatura in) Mathematical Sciences".
  • Bacharelado – is a curso in undergraduate level that forms professionals for the job market and/or researchers. Students who graduate in law get the title of Bacharel em (Bachelor in) Law and, in Brazil, can only work as a lawyer after approval in the Bar exam; those who graduate in Engineering are considered engineers, but they also must be regsitered at the Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture (Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Arquitetura (CREA). For most of the Bacharelados, once you graduate, you may work in that specialized field.
  • Licenciatura – is a curso in undergraduate level that forms teachers in several areas; for example Licenciatura in Biological Sciences forms Biology teachers for primary/secondary schools. Licenciatura has a common ground with Bacharelado but includes courses in the field of Education/Didactics/Psychology.
  • Discipline/Course – is a set of classes on a specific subject.
  • CODESC – (Coordenação de Escolaridade) – is UFPB's registrar/records office. It is located in UFPB's central administration building, ground floor.