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Colaboradores: Larissa Guedes, Caio Martino
Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students)

The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G), currently ruled by Decree no. 7.948, of March 12, 2013 , aims to train and qualify foreign students by offering places in undergraduate courses in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) free from tuition.

PEC-G encompasses a set of international education cooperation activities and procedures, preferably with developing countries, on a valid bilateral agreement, with the objective of training foreign students in undergraduate courses in Brazil. Upon graduation, students must return to their countries of origin.

PEC-G is a joint initiative of Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education; HEIs may participate by signing a specific term of adhesion with the Ministry of Education.

Every year, the Ministry of Education will assign the number of places per course offered under PEC-G based on the availability informed by the participating HEIs. Institutions must offer places in either morning or full-time courses, that is, PEC-G students take no night classes.

 The PEC-G calendar and selection process are regulated yearly by a Notice issued by the Ministry of Education, upon approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 According to Decree No. 7.948, of March 12, 2013, candidates who may apply to PEC-G must be foreign students and meet the following requisites:

I - residents abroad who do not have a permanent visa or any other type of temporary visa to Brazil;
II – those aged between 18 and preferably up to 23 years old; 
III – those who will sign a Financial Responsibility Statement ensuring they have sufficient means to pay for their transportation and living expenses for their entire undergraduate course in Brazil;
IV – those who will sign a Term of Commitment agreeing to follow the rules of PEC-G; 
V – those who will present a certificate stating that they have concluded the equivalent of the  Brazilian  secondary  school  and  a  Certificate  of  Proficiency  in  Portuguese  as  a  Foreign Language – Celpe-Bras.

Other Official Documents:

Decree no. 4.875, of November 11, 2003
Interministerial Ordinance no. 1, of May 20, 2019

To access a page with frequently asked questions about the PEC-G, click here and see the program's page on the MEC webpage.