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Colaboradores: Larissa Guedes, Caio Martino
General Information


UFPB's mobility programs, either in the INCOMING modality or in the OUTGOING modality, are temporarily suspended as a way to guarantee and preserve the health safety of the academic community, according to Circular Letter nº 19/2020, from the UFPB Rectory, on the impact of Covid-19 on UFPB, the measures taken and the procedure to be adopted from now on with the mobility programs. Thus, the dates contained in this page on the applications and the 2020 semesters are no longer valid. 

We are very pleased to have foreign students at UFPB. We strongly recommend that candidates for mobility into UFPB read carefully all the content of the sublinks under "Mobility - Incoming", which is likely to solve most of the candidates' doubts concerning this process. After that, in case questions persist, students are welcome to send them to  c/o Mr. Wellington Guimarães.

Our International Office handles more specifically applications of undergraduate students. In case you are a graduate candidate, please, ask us about the process. To better understand how graduate courses and programs work at UFPB, click here.

Important: Candidates to Medical practice/internship, clique here!

The dates for the 2020.1 semester are as follows:

Classes begin: April 23, 2020.
Classes finish: August 22, 2020.
Final exams (only for students who have not reached the 7.0 average grade on the tests applied/taken during the semester): from August 24, 2020 to August 28, 2020.

Deadline for applications for the 2020.1 semester: February 03, 2020.

The dates for the 2020.2 semester are as follows (to be confirmed):

Classes begin: September 10, 2020.
Holiday and vacation break: from December 17, 2020 to January 30, 2021.
Classes restart: February 01, 2021.
Classes finish: March 02, 2021.
Final exams (only for students who have not reached the 7.0 average grade on the tests applied/taken during the semester): from February 24 to March 02, 2021.

Deadline for applications for the 2020.2 semester: July 17, 2020.


Documents required:

Below you will find the list of documents required to formalize your application to an undergraduate mobility at UFPB, which must be sent by e-mail only to . It is not necessary to send us the application papers by post.

1. UFPB Application form. Click here for the updated version (updated January 20, 2020)
Note: doc format, typed in – not in pdf, not handwritten, please);
2. Certificate of Enrolment issued by the Home University.
Note: duly signed and stamped.
3. Updated Official Transcript of Records.
Note: duly signed and stamped.
4. Letter of Nomination.
Note: issued by the home institution IRO.
5. Learning Agreement approved by the home institution.
Note: signed by Academic Coordination (also by institutional coordination, if it applies).
6. Motivation Letter written and signed by the student.
Note: in Portuguese.
7. Copy of the passport page that contains photo and personal information. 
Note: PDF, color, 300 dpi.
8. (for non-Portuguese-speaking country studentsLanguage Proficiency certificate / statement (CEFR – Portuguese B1)
Note: As of June 2014, any Certificate or Statement issued by a qualified examiner/professor of Portuguese will serve to prove Language Proficiency. However, we would like to remind that the student is fully responsible for corresponding to the level stated in such certificate/declaration, and being able to follow courses in Portuguese.
9. Health/Travel Insurance*
Note: The policy can be presented by the student upon his/her arrival at the UFPB International Relations Office, at the latest.

*To Portuguese students only: Estudantes portugueses poderão se beneficiar do Acordo BRASIL-PORTUGAL de Previdência Social com direito à Assistência Médica em caso de residência temporária ou definitiva em outro país, devendo, para tanto, se dirigir ao escritório de representação do Ministério da Saúde da sua cidade, ou da capital, para se cadastrar no referido Programa de Assistência, apresentando a documentação e procedimentos exigidos.

Important! According to the terms of the Academic Cooperation Agreement, students must hire an International Insurance Policy. We recommend coverage for evacuation, repatriation and body transfer, apart from health/accidents coverage, including damages caused to third parties.

Important! To prevent inconvenience, please make sure you have gathered all required documents — in the format desired — before they are sent. Sets with missing documents may not be processed. For this purpose, we have prepared a checklist that can be download here.